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With so many options in digital media, what’s the right fit for you?

A laser focused approach to targeting your target audience and getting them to take action now.

Results and actions are measurable, making the entire process transparent. Apart from instant results, learn more about your buyers behaviour and reactions.

Work with Ferguson Group Media for testing and continually refining your processes; delivering you better and better results over time.

Budget Requirements: Low

Result Time: Fast

Budget Requirements: Low

Result Time: Fast

Budget Requirements: Medium

Result Time: Medium


Keyword specific search. Chances are, if we want a solution to our problem or want answers now, we are going to Google.



Get to the top of Google and get noticed now.

The pay per click approach is designed for instant action and drives traffic to your landing page or website instantly.

How it works:

This is ideal for targeting time poor searchers that want to take immediate action. 

The difference with SEO is that you are paying for each click of your link.

Ask yourself if your product or service fits this niche.



The long, slow and steady approach that is backed by credibility and bears long term, sustainable value.

Putting the hard yards in now ensures free click throughs to your website in future. 

How it works:

It is different from paid advertising because it is heavily website driven; where the process improves the content, links and overall structure that makes your website the best option for a search query.  

80% of Google searchers prefer clicking on organic links because of the high credibility that Google’s association with your website delivers in accordance to the answers that searchers want. 

Budget Requirements: High

Result Time: Fast



Budget Requirements: High

Result Time: Slow



What’s best for me?

Well, it comes down to your strategy, budget and how soon you want results.

Talk to us today about understanding what your competitors are doing and what the best fit is for your business.

More Options


I need a strategy to reach my goals within my budget and timeframe

I want people to make purchase decisions as fast and easily as possible.

I want to attract and interact with more customers.



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