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Branding is the personality you give to your business. It is what greets your customers at the front door and the meal that makes them remember who you are. It’s what makes them keep coming back for more, and what sets you apart from everyone else.

Your brand can make or break your business, and if you don’t know how to brand yourself in a way that makes people want to buy from you, then chances are no one’s will ever find about your great products or services.

So, take some time today to think about how YOU want people to perceive you as an Indvidual or company – because how they see YOU is exactly how they’re sdee YOUR company.


Branding is a way to create your unique identifier that shouts out ‘This is us!’ It’s also about making sure you’re resonating with your audience while remaining true to the character of your business.

As a cornerstone to our process, we undertake an extensive industry review of trends and competitors to understand what works and what doesn’t.


We are an agency who immerses itself into your business. By the end, you’ll add us to the Christmas party list! We undertake a series of workshops to pinpoint your unique proposition and identify.


Through our discover dession with key stake-holders in your process, the branding and strategy teams will set out your brand identity, including position and tone of voice to complete your visual identity.


Driven by your vision and values, we will bring your brand to life with artistic flair and creativity, grounded by our attention to detail that creates a unique and memorable brand.

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Case Study | Below.gg

The client, who had previously been known as FGMcast, desired to revamp their image to incorporate more elements of e-sports aesthetics, atmosphere, and appearance. Their objective was to have a branding that was easily recognizable, contemporary, and pertinent. It was crucial that the branding be adaptable to various platforms and mediums, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and eventually a website.

We suggested the name “Below.gg” and developed a brand identity that conveyed professionalism, gaming, and distinctiveness. To achieve this goal, we developed a cohesive brand aesthetic utilizing black, yellow, and green colors, which gave a modern interpretation of Australian sporting colors while also staying true to their gaming identity. Additionally, we designed appropriate streaming graphics, overlays, and video assets, which provided them with a solid foundation for brand recognition.


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